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This Week's Teacher Feature!

Where WOM staff members give you a peek into their personalities and let you in on their secret super powers!

What's your name? 
Carrie Boone

What's your role at WOM?
Music Teacher

What's one fact that students and parents may not know about you?  
I used to be so deathly afraid of speaking in public that I would get marked absent in school because I couldn't muster up a "here" during roll call. Things have changed, obviously! But it does give me a deep respect for how much courage it takes for some of my students to share their voices in music class.

If you could change one thing about today, what would it be?  
It would just be the dress rehearsal for the actual today, which would be tomorrow.

What's your super power?  
Overthinking. Need proof? That one-word answer took me 25 minutes to commit to.

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