Welcome to the WOM PTA Website for 2016-2017!

Teacher Meet and Greet is Monday, 22 August!

From 5:00pm - 7:00pm drop in and say hi to the women and men who will be shaping your child during school days.  You can tour the school if you haven't already, and you can also turn in your PTA membership fees for a free puppy!  No, just kidding, you'll only get a big smile, but maybe we can scrounge up some puppy stickers. 

We would love to have every WOM family join the PTA! Your membership dues go in large part to support the operating budget of the PTA that allows us to support our teachers, our classrooms, and our facilities. The PTA board meets monthly and welcomes all members, their ideas, and especially their groan-worthy jokes or limericks if they have any.  

The PTA membership form can be filled out online or printed out.

After you fill it out, you may send a check into the school made out to "WOM PTA." PTA Membership is on an annual basis, and sponsored memberships are available.

If the letters PTA* strike fear into your heart or you don't want to commit to paying the $15, but you DO want to help out around the school now and again, please fill out our volunteer interest form.  We'll totally put you to work!

* We are NICE.  If you find out that we are not kind or not approachable or seem like we're the kind of people that wear pearls and fashionably complementary lipstick, Jaye will give you her second-born child.  This is not at all an attempt to get free babysitting.