What's up at WOM?


Parent Partnership Night
Fall Potluck
Winter Silent Auction

Summary: Members of and businesses in our community donate goods and services that we amalgamate on an online bidding site over the course of two weeks.  At the beginning of December, bidding opens! (More information here.)

Dates to donate: Now until Wednesday, 23rd November 2016 (Donation form here.)

Dates to bid: 2nd December - 11th December 2016

Funds earmarked for: Offsetting travel costs for staff members to attend the annual American Montessori Conference.

Main contact: Susannah Hunter


Groceries for Good

Summary: Local stores will donate a percentage of the gift cards bought via Groceries for Good to the Willow Oak Montessori Charter PTA at no cost to you.  More information here or sign up online.

Participating stores: Lowes Foods, Whole Foods, Weaver Street Market, Wal-Mart

Funds earmarked for: Supplementing school equipment and supplies as well as hosting community-building events.

Main contact: Scott Bailey